Get actionable insights from your data


Answer questions by combining data from many sources

  • Query data from different data silos
  • Combine results from multiple queries
  • Analyze data using advanced ML/AI technologies
  • Schedule auto-update for results your business rely on
Check data sources


Visualize findings with customizable dashboards

  • Build different types of visualizations from query results
  • Combine query results from multiple sources into a single dashboard
  • Share your data-story with colleagues, other teams within your organization or external partners via secret URLs


Trigger actions accross systems and business units

Embeded Analytics

Deliver interactive reports that matter to your clients


Access data via API and extend its usability as you like.


Stream your data to the destinations of your choice.


Control data access within your organization

Group Monitoring

Restrict data visibility to certain groups only

Publish query results to allowed groups or departments in your organization

User Management

Assign editor role to the right users only

Provide SSO, access control and many other great features for enterprise-friendly workflow