Important questions to retain customers

Who to talk to?

Not all customers are equally valuable to your business, so focus your scared resources on those who could bring the most benefits to your business.

When is the right time

Knowing when the customers return to your site and when they show the highest interests can help identify when to target them. Engaging with them on time is the key for closing a deal.

What to talk about

Matching your messages with the needs of your customers is better than sending them random information that might not be valuable for them.

Our Solution


You are able to see each customer event or action on your site. In this way, you can know who are the customer coming to your site, when they come, and what they do.

As a result, you can have a detailed profile for each customer, know their needs, and bring more value to them.

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After understanding your customer, you are able to find automatically created segments of your customers on our dashboard. We group them based on their behavior and buying lifecycle.

Grouping them will help you have a better overview of your buyers and save you time when communicating the right message with them.

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Based on the tracking part you are able to know when your customers return to your site and what they do. After you have identified the right segments, it is time to engage with them.

Knowing their interests and the right time to talk to them, you are able to communicate your offering via different channels to boost sales.

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Our Values To Merchants

UseData helps online merchants optimize cost and increase revenue at once

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Based on each segment keep talking with the right customers and send the right message at the right time.



Analyze existing customers’ behaviors to convert them to purchase more.



Building a good relationship with customers equals understanding and serving theirs needs. Bring value to them!

How we are different

All-in-one customer engagement solution to enhance
customer experience



Target each customer by messages tailored based on his current state of interests.



Automatically send messages to customers at the time they would like to buy most.



Integrate with common ERP/CRM solutions to utilize more product and customer insights.

Fast integration with


Online Merchants Love Us

Ta em be - an online baby products retailer and Vietnamese adaptation of and UseData added value to through our product analytics solutions as well as product recommendation engine.

Balo Hang Hieu

BALOHANGHIEU.COM is a well-known retailer of suitcases, backpacks and handbags in Vietnam. is using the search analytics and channel’s performance evaluation system provided by UseData.

Shop Ao Thun offers comprehensive solutions for Personalized T-Shirt and Enterprise with five key value chain: Tourisms T-shirt, Fashion T-shirts, Uniform T-shirts, Ads T-shirts, and T-shirts in small quantity. is interested in product recommendation and customer exploration at of UseData.

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