Why is customer engagement important?

You already understand your customers’ needs and have all the information about them, what is left now is to engage with them. Engaging with your buyers not only helps you to boost sales, but also to build strong and long-term relationships with them. Thus, it is crucial to find the right ways to communicate the right message on time.

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How UseData’s engagement automation is different?

We help you to customize each of the engagement tools by tailoring them individually to your customers’ needs. We guide you through the choice of content, which is the most essential part of every campaign, based on the customer data we track. In this way, the chances that your customers feel spammed or overloaded with irrelevant information are very small.

Engaging by sending an email

Email marketing is still one of the most effective engagement tactics. Once you have all the details of your customers, you are able to create a list. By segmenting them based on commonalities you are able to prepare the right content for your emails. We help you to prepare a sequence of emails and schedule them. What is more, they will be sent automatically to everyone in your list.

Engaging by running ads

While email marketing is primarily successful for customers or subscribers who already showed interest in your company, running ads is both suitable for those types of audience and for the rest of your potential buyers. Whether it is a Facebook Ad or a Google Ad, or text ad vs video ad you are able to target both individuals and a wider audience. We help you to choose the right keyword and referral source to place your ad on.


Engaging by creating pop-ups

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to cross-sell, essentially suggesting related products to your audience? Well, here is the answer. UseData helps you to create pop-ups on your website with which you are able to recommend related offerings to what has already been viewed by your customers. In this way, you become not only a product consultant to your buyers but also you might sell more at once.

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UseData has a Javascript code which can be inserted in the website of almost every online store. Even if you face any problems, our team will provide you with a fast support.