Understand your customers by following their digital footprints.

We help you track each behavior of your customers on your website real-time and over time. We provide a detailed information about your customers and their activities with each element on your site. Having a complete picture of your customers helps you to drive your customers to their optimal actions.


Who are your potential customers?

You might have thousands of views on your site, however, identify who you should really focus your resources on..

What are their needs?

Know the behavior and buying stage of each of your customers to better identify their needs.

When do they come to your site?

See the exact time they come to your site and view or buy a product.

Accurate historical data from the very first visit

After a visitor becomes a new customer on your website, UseData is able to link his profile with his previously anonymous ID. In this way, you know both the past and the present behaviour of your customers. You can track how your customers change over time from their very first visit based on their actions on your site.

Fast integration with

Build customer profiles

First, you are able to identify from which source or campaign your customers came to your site. Second, you can see the exact products, categories or pages they are interested. Third, you can view who made a purchase, when and what they bought. Such detailed information about your customers helps you create more accurate and personalized sales offers.


  • Complete customer profile Keep all customer interactions in one place
  • Action-based tracking Track customer actions, not just pageviews
  • Acquisition tracking Identify acquisition sources and compaigns for each customer
  • Real-time data Monitor customers information and interations at real-time
  • Behavior insights Learn from customers interactions with each category, product, keyword and page
  • Segmented tracking Distinguish the actions among different customer groups already at the tracking stage.

Get started now!

UseData has a Javascript code which can be inserted in the website of almost every online store. Even if you face any problems, our team will provide you with a fast support.