The value of segmentation

Having thousands of customers and still keeping a personal communication with each of them is hard. Grouping them into segments of customers with common characteristics is a solution. Having done that you are able to identify their needs easily, avoid sending them irrelevant messages, and have a better overview of your buyers to keep track on any changes in their behavior.

Auto-update segments

Each segment that has been created can be automatically updated for the initially indicated timespan. For example, if you have a segment for the past 30 days, it will auto-update every day and show the customers from the last 30 days. In this way, you are able to engage with your most recent buyers.

Fast integration with

Segment based on customer behaviors

With UseData you can have groups of customers based on what they did on your site. We can differentiate between people who viewed only, purchased, searched for a specific keyword, or browsed a specific category

Segment based on customer buying lifecycle

You are able to group your customers based on their lifecycle. You can distinguish between customers that just bought from your site vs customers who returned to your site for a second or a third time.

Keep track on your segments

UseData helps you to see the changes of the number of customers for each segment on each day in the indicated time. Thus, you can identify the suitable strategy to develop for each segment.

Customized segmentation

We have already showed you what kind of automatic segments we can create for you. How about if your website is a special case and needs more segments based on more specific elements? Every website is different and UseData is aware that this might lead to various types of segments. Hence, we allow you to create your own segment. Upon a request you can have additional groups of customer based on more elements on your site.In this way, there is almost no chance you can leave a customer unsatisfied.

Discover more customer insights about each segment and make data-driven decisions

Do you know how many return customers your site has everyday?

Hey you have 255 lapsed customers who haven’t come back within the last 3 months.

Do you know you can import your potential leads into UseData dashboard to see who is your targeted customers, what they interested in?